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Obesessed with Perfection


One of the better aspects about life that I’m most grateful for is the ability to discover new things. For me, nothing is better than discovering something on my own. It’s the most refreshing and rejuvenating feeling. With this new piece of knowledge, you feel invincible and invigorating for just that instance. That feeling is enhanced by ten when you get to share your new found knowledge.

As artists, we find it hard to discover new inspiring things to propel us to the next level. Who wants to take steps backwards? Often times, we suffer trying too hard to constantly out-do and one-up ourselves, when chances are the product we most recently produced is just as good as the previous. If you ask me, that’s just our dyer obsession for perfection. We all poses a little of this vice…some worse than others.

Moreover, this is what I’ve been struggling with for the past few days; “Is this article as dope as the last one,” “What if people don’t like it,” “Not good enough,” and so on and so on. I have to tell myself if I like it then it’s good enough. Because, the moment I began doing it for somebody else, I’ve failed.

You’re supposed to be disciplined and diligent about your craft, that’s how you learn from your mistakes and grow from them. It’s impossible to obtain anything if we are constantly over analyzing and underestimating ourselves. To obsess about perfection is unhealthy and simply put, unattainable. Besides, it takes all the fun out.


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