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Visual Ecstacy “Work It Out”

September 28, 2008

This RJD2 video “Work It Out” left me gleefully wide eyed and utterly speechless. Visually stunning. Can someone please tell me who this guy is? And what are those things he’s swinging on? And where can I get a pair? Advertisements

Obesessed with Perfection

February 28, 2008

One of the better aspects about life that I’m most grateful for is the ability to discover new things. For me, nothing is better than discovering something on my own. It’s the most refreshing and rejuvenating feeling. With this new piece of knowledge, you feel invincible and invigorating for just that instance. That feeling is […]

Artist Spotlight – Casey Curry

February 20, 2008

Interview by Smiles Davis How do you feel about Paparazzi? It’s immoral. I’m so against that invasion of people’s privacy. I absolutely hate it not for me. I do mostly editorial and fashion photography which is completely different. As Paparazzi everyone knows you’re there but, you’re just another face in the crowd. There is nothing […]

Time For a Break

February 12, 2008

I just found this footage of the Breakdancing crew Footklan that I used to roam the streets with back in the day. This clip I believe was from a MTV spot they had showcasing their skills. The group is located in Glendale, AZ but they travel all over the world to perform and teach. I […]

Imagery I Can Vibe With

February 12, 2008

All works done by Austin Shaw read an Interview with Mr. Shaw @ amateurillustrator

Sculptures of the absurd

February 1, 2008

Daniel Edwards, controversial sculptor envy of celerity absurdity, has yet again unveiled a depiction of a public figure in “uncanny” light. This sculpture of Oprah Winfrey entitled “The Oprah Sarcophagus” portrays the talk show host with over-sized breast and protruding baby bearing hips. I personally don’t find it that insulting. She looks beautiful, pure, and […]

Artist Pic

January 4, 2008

King Tubby – ‘A Better Version’ – by Dragon courtesy of

Jazz Room

December 31, 2007