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Artist Spotlight – Casey Curry


Interview by Smiles Davis

How do you feel about Paparazzi?
It’s immoral. I’m so against that invasion of people’s privacy. I absolutely hate it not for me. I do mostly editorial and fashion photography which is completely different. As Paparazzi everyone knows you’re there but, you’re just another face in the crowd. There is nothing creative about it. Press and red carpet are one thing, it’s still a tough business.

How do you make it in this business?
Don’t get discouraged, it can be at times. For every door that opens 1,000 more will get shut in your face. Be persistent and study your craft. Worry not about your toys and expensive equipment. What’s more important having the best gear or having the skill to use it? Gadgets are tools to capture my vision. Focus on creating your own style you’ll stand out more. Don’t get so caught up in the debate of photography rather embrace the art of it.



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