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Visual Ecstacy “Work It Out”

September 28, 2008

This RJD2 video “Work It Out” left me gleefully wide eyed and utterly speechless. Visually stunning. Can someone please tell me who this guy is? And what are those things he’s swinging on? And where can I get a pair? Advertisements

The Essence Of Little Jackie

September 19, 2008

Let’s be honest, music videos worth watching are a dime a billion. Over exposed mainstream artist tend to focus their energy and big budgets on flashing lights, frolicking women, and more gluttony than any one with sense can bare to stand. This is exactly why the Internet is such a beautiful thing; music in abundance […]

R.I.P. Buddy Miles

March 2, 2008

Buddy Miles looking BAAAADAAAASSSSSS! Miles was an American funk drummer and a member of Jemi Hendrix’s band the Gypsys.  Miles, who was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1947 (also home to none other than Preston Love) started working as a professional musician when he was still a child, eventually doing time (as did so many […]

Smiles Davis Weekly Mix

February 15, 2008

I ran across this image of the New York skyline while on-line tonight. Ill right!? It reminded me of my stay there during my independent studies at Alvin Ailey. The dance center is not too far from the ocean, so at night me and some of my peers would wonder off in between classes sometimes […]

What’s Relevant

February 14, 2008

2.) Alice Russell Under the Munka Moon British singer/songwriter Alice Russell is quite the force to reckon with. With many titles under her belt, Russell was the front woman for The Quantic Soul Orchestra but, is currently working on a solo career. She blew my mind when I heard her for the first time and […]

The Story of THEM

February 10, 2008

In the sixties the music scene in Ireland was let’s just say um…non existent. The Catholic Church controlled the showbands and massive dance hall. Um, no offense but, that sucks. All the popular R&B ring lords were coming out of the US and the UK. I stand corrected, the Catholic Church only controlled the halls […]

Smiles Davis Weekly Mix

February 10, 2008

So here marks the day that I will feature a brief 20 minute masterful mix showcasing what I have in rotation that week. This week is musical posts in review. Most of the songs in this mix I have featured on the blog recently. Lately I’ve been in a sentimental mood. Hope you enjoy, there […]


February 7, 2008

Bobby Blue Bland Two Steps from the Blues Bland’s music incorporates just the right mix of gospel, blues and R&B. I dig it. You know when you hear a song and the first thing you want to do once it ends is just hear it again that you found a sinker. Caught me hook and […]

Kool Comps.

January 19, 2008

Latin Soul Recordings released this compilation full of Latin Soul- Ballads with English lyrics and Latin Beats. Most in which were quite popular in the late 60’s and early 70’s By far the sweetest Latin comp I’ve ever heard. The mp3 I listed below is the first song on the CD and that voice you […]

Al Green w/ ?uestlove

January 12, 2008

Apparently Al Green has been in the studio for the past three years working on an album that is due to release this spring. A few names are said to appear on this project: Anthony Hamilton, Corine Bailey Ray, D’angelo and possibly Justin Timberlake. I can dig that. Multitask-er ?uestlove, from famed hip-hop group The […]

Child Prodigy. SERIOUS!!!!!

January 7, 2008

If you havn’t seen this you need to. watch more performances from Gabi Wilson

Syl Johnoson sues for unpaid Dues

January 5, 2008

story courtesy of my man @ nextthing Syl Johnson is cut from the same cloth as Al Green, Ike Turner, Curtis Mayfield, and Otis Redding. It appears the veteran is suing the likes of just about every artist that sampled his famous Different Strokes song which was featured on the Ultimate Breaks and Beats compilation. […]

Artist Pic

January 4, 2008

King Tubby – ‘A Better Version’ – by Dragon courtesy of

Beyonce who?

December 21, 2007

Ruth Brown often goes under the raidar being overlooked and sometimes completly forgotten as a great soul singer way before her time. Brown underwent a lengthy battle with The Rhythm and Blues Foundation as one of the many underpaid blues artist seeking rightful payment and dues from previous works. She, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Bo Didley, […]

Hit more than Jack

December 19, 2007

I honestly think I’ve heard this song a million times and for some reason it never resonated with me until I saw this video. Very few ever did it better than Ray Charles. As soon as you hear those chords at the very beginning your entranced.

Dat girl can sang!

December 19, 2007

It’s thru gospel music Aretha Franklin would develop as a singer. The turning point in Franklin’s career was when she left the commercial pop productions of Columbia Records to sign with Ahmet Eregon’s Atlantic Records where she was recognized and encouraged to sing gospel and blues. The more suitible home seemed promising and indeed it […]

Dinah kills Bessie

December 19, 2007

In this 3 minute 27 second, colorless video without the hottest dance trend, a lengthy hair piece, or numerous wardrobe changes Dinah Washington manages to intrigue, excite, amuse and I’m quite sure offend a large number while stationary on top a stool. Her rendition of a great Bessie Smith song is all too powerful for […]