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Puma Monthly Music Showcase

March 23, 2009

|| LOVE-MADE x PUMA presents || || DJ RASHIDA || || SMILES DAVIS || || POSSO THE DJ || || WENDY CITY || Ever heard a record that made you want to get down like this little kid? The first record I ever bought on vinyl was Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall. I was 10, […]

Time For a Break

February 12, 2008

I just found this footage of the Breakdancing crew Footklan that I used to roam the streets with back in the day. This clip I believe was from a MTV spot they had showcasing their skills. The group is located in Glendale, AZ but they travel all over the world to perform and teach. I […]

Time for a Break

December 30, 2007

There are four essential elements that make up Hip Hop; Emcee, DJ, Tagging/Graffiti, and Breakdancing. Each of these elements serves equal importance to the structure of the genre. I ran across this video and hesitated to put it up originally but the dancer in me battled and won. There’s no doubt movement is a form […]