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About Smiles

D.J. SMILES DAVIS was raised in the Midwest Grand Rapids, Michigan to be exact. Music was an important component of her early family life. After relocating to Phoenix AZ as a child dance and theatre soon became her main obsession. Rigorous hours of training and intense body work finally paid off when she was accepted to the super prestigious Alvin Ailey Dance Academy in New York city.

Transferring from Arizona State to Brooklyn’s Fordum University she packed up and went to the Big Apple. Alvin Ailey would become her home for over a year where she would be introduced to a new kind of music, world. Live African percussionists would beat heavy drums and other various instruments throughout the duration of each hour and a half class. Some classes such as ballet were accompanied by pianists, most of whom performed with NY orchestras and symphonies at places like Lincoln Center and Symphony Hall. Over the course of one day dancers were required to take at least 4 of these classes just to meet prerequisites. 2 additional classes of the dancers choice were allowed before repertoire studies – such classes as tap or swing where the music genres differed completely from all other classes.

After finishing at Alvin Ailey she decided to move out to Los Angeles and got bit by the music bug. The transition between dance and music would be a smooth one due to previous exposure. She started DJing and writing reviews for Aeomba records. Her heart and soul is dedicated to roots music. Blues, Gospel, Jazz, Reggae and the earliest installments of soul & funk. Most of these musics, in particular would later be heavily sampled by musicians of just about every genre, especially Hip Hop.


2 Responses to “About Smiles”

  1. Your husband recommended your blog to me. It’s always cool to run into other music heads, especially another woman. I’m going to link you on my blog, feel free to do the same.



  2. A friend of mine recently pointed me in your blogs direction. Much respect and blessings in the new year, good music transcends space and time. I hope you will enjoy the tunes i am sending your way… thank you

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