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Many Styles


I finally mustard up the cahonas to post my very first mix tape Many Styles: Serve Chilled. The name pretty much sums it up. If your ready for some supper dynamite soul this is the mixx for you. Sick of the radio then this mix is for you. Think you need a chill pill? I think you need a serving of Many Stlyes. Oh, did I mention it’s free!!

If you feel it, DOWNLOAD IT. Stay tuned for volume II. Enjoy.

DJ Smiles Davis presents: MANY STLYES: SERVE CHILLED




3 Responses to “Many Styles”

  1. Can you re-up the link please?
    Keep doing your thing Smiles.

  2. hey there. I’m not sure what you are having trouble with…if you click on the link it takes a while to load. Damn technology. You can always download it an burn it to a disc. The link to download is aforementioned. Thanks for the luv.

  3. Your blog helped me discover sooooooo much great music! Thanks a lot! 😉

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