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The Essence Of Little Jackie

Let’s be honest, music videos worth watching are a dime a billion. Over exposed mainstream artist tend to focus their energy and big budgets on flashing lights, frolicking women, and more gluttony than any one with sense can bare to stand. This is exactly why the Internet is such a beautiful thing; music in abundance without all the vagaries of the entertainment industry.

The Internet is to music what television during it’s inception was to radio. In recent decades we have witnessed explosive growth in technology and watched the Internet morph into a vast and major entity of our current society, turning adversity into advantage. The deliberate destruction of the major label on the industry eclipsed their ability to see the importance of it’s significance.

Enticed only by profit, the highbrows crippled themselves neglecting the power of the live show. Forget the extravagance for a second. I know I’m not alone when I say true talent is having the ability to whoa a crowd over with just a mic and your pipes.  Unfortunately, the paucity artists that exist with this extraordinary ability are as rare as the incidences when I click on the tube and don’t find trashy reality TV.

Not all hope is lost, between youtube, myspace, the blogosphere, and music generated sites like giantstep tasteful music is just a click away. Little Jackie, for instance, is the new freshness.  The duo from Brooklyn accurately “blend the old-school R&B sound with a quirky hybrid of hip-hop and pop.” Despite the fact this group hasn’t reached critical acclaim quite yet, each of their songs is of singular achievement. Check this live steller performance of lead singer Imani Coppola getting down at summerstage 08.


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