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Smiles Davis Weekly Mix


I ran across this image of the New York skyline while on-line tonight. Ill right!? It reminded me of my stay there during my independent studies at Alvin Ailey. The dance center is not too far from the ocean, so at night me and some of my peers would wonder off in between classes sometimes just to go see the sunset.

New York is full of culture and diversity with influences from all over the globe. This mix salutes some personal musical experiences of mine while in the Big Apple. Enjoy



3 Responses to “Smiles Davis Weekly Mix”

  1. what is the price of your photo?

  2. If I am not mistaken the sun sets in the west…

    This picture is taken from the west looking due east.

    Technically I guess this could be a sunrise, but I doubt it. Most probably the photo is doctored.

  3. Would it be possible to use this picture for our High School Formal?

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