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Alice Russell Under the Munka Moon

British singer/songwriter Alice Russell is quite the force to reckon with. With many titles under her belt, Russell was the front woman for The Quantic Soul Orchestra but, is currently working on a solo career. She blew my mind when I heard her for the first time and it tripped me out even more when I saw her in a picture.

Don’t be fooled by the baby face Russell packs one powerful punch. She covers all the elements- a soulful, bluesy voice often dropped over funky beats, jazz and even sounds of gospel and northern soul. Either our music industry is in true shambles or she isn’t being properly marketed. Can’t seem to grasp the fact that so few people are up on Miss Russell. It’s the type of timeless voice that can compete with the greats and produce material and dominate like Amy Wino can. Seriously, it’s a shame. I couldn’t find any music video or decent live performance on the diva to save my life. Don’t sleep, though go get her album.

This underdog is often backed by Australian funk band The Bamboos, whom I mentioned earlier.With two solo albums under her belt, Under the Munka Moon is her latest work to date.

Can you dig 04-hurry-on-now.mp3


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