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Time For a Break

I just found this footage of the Breakdancing crew Footklan that I used to roam the streets with back in the day. This clip I believe was from a MTV spot they had showcasing their skills. The group is located in Glendale, AZ but they travel all over the world to perform and teach.

I remember practices were about 3 hours long 5 days a week, ( 7 if we had upcoming performances) incorporating inversions (tricks performed on the hands) often the entire practice. Ain’t to many cats that can stand on their hands for a complete second let alone perform tricks, monuver from one hand to the other, contort limbs by binding, stretching, and manipulating their position.

Darrel (Head), myself, Kaseim (his brother), and Derek headed somewhere

We never flew to our destination it was always a long ass road trip with about 10-15 kids stuffed in two vans. These were often tension heavy events could you imagine being couped up all the way in the back of the van where 6 heads are in front of you and it’s musty in the air and only one person is controlling the radio playing something you probably don’t want to hear for hours on end. I’m drained just thinking about it. Let’s just say it wasn’t common for piece to reign on our journeys. Nothing too drastic ever took place maybe someone got slapped in the face or someone was getting body slammed but it was usually broken up before bones were broken or blood was drawn. (mostly men would quarrel with an occasional cat fight)

Me (in the middle w/ hat) and Luciana (the girl in front of me) about to perform on the Soul Train Awards

I learned plenty about hip-hop from FootKlan, I learned alot period from FootKlan. They conveyed a positive message which was something I hadn’t really seen on the streets and desperately needed to keep me out of trouble after high school where I was involved in many organized programs to keep me occupied. The group even formed an acronym for Hip Hop defining it as Higher Inner Peace Helping Other People. FootKlan has catapulted it’s organization since shows like So You Think You Can Dance? and Dancing With The Stars have become so popular, bringing back the interest in dance that had for some time been lost. Without further ado here’s the clip


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