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The Story of THEM

In the sixties the music scene in Ireland was let’s just say um…non existent. The Catholic Church controlled the showbands and massive dance hall. Um, no offense but, that sucks.

All the popular R&B ring lords were coming out of the US and the UK. I stand corrected, the Catholic Church only controlled the halls located in southern Ireland. Big shocker that amenities were sparsely available in Northern Ireland where there was no BIG backing. The halls were said to have been much smaller not to mention there was hardly any music coming out of the area to begin with.

In stomps in a band by the name of THEM are you familiar?

thestoryofthemfeatvanmorrison.jpg For some time Van Morrison was the lead vocalist of the group writing most of their material and produced some of the best R&B ever made! Funny thing is, the hometown where the members of the group are from despised the band not at all impressed at their immaculate talent. Natives threw pennies at the band during performances as a sign of displeasure… that’s worse than tomatoes talk about a tough gig.


The Story of Them, originally re-mastered and released in 1997 in the UK by Polydor, is being re-released in the coming months (if it hasn’t already lacked info). As far as I know this double disc sells for $60-$100 on some websites. Too bad the band had such a destructive way about them (no pun intended).

Apparently, in only just a few years (less than 5) the band had about 16 different versions (possible exaggeration) with new members every other show. The band couldn’t seem to stay sober often too intoxicated to count to 3 let alone try to perform in front of a live audience. A witness to one of their tragic performances lived to tell about his painful experience-

The show started about an hour late (not unusual in Ireland) and the band was terrible. They were so drunk that they thought they were still in the US (they had recently returned from a tour) each member appeared to be performing a different song and the drummer was on a different planet … we were huge fans so we were shocked, horrified and very upset especially because they were showing that our parents had been right all along. After about forty minutes of total disaster Van (who was totally sober and focused) managed to gain control and saved the day by performing more-or-less solo and he was brilliant. He gave an incredible performance of “Mystic Eyes”.


Ouch!! That hurts. Regardless the music they made is dope in a major way. I wanna say I got this album about a year ago and I can honestly say I’ve past the word on to more people than Polydor has sold more copies of. What’s good music if you don’t share?




One Response to “The Story of THEM”

  1. Hello Them
    It s All Over Now, Baby Blue, Gloria, The Story Of Them, Stormy Monday, Mystic Eyes, Hey Girl, Baby Please Dont Go, Here Comes The Night, My Lonely Sad Eyes, Richard Cory, Half As Much, Turn On Your Love Light, I Put A Spell On You, Dont Look Back, is beautiful, wonerful and lovely Songs!
    Greetings Heinz

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