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Bobby Blue Bland Two Steps from the Blues


Bland’s music incorporates just the right mix of gospel, blues and R&B. I dig it. You know when you hear a song and the first thing you want to do once it ends is just hear it again that you found a sinker. Caught me hook and string, the whole album from start to finish is worth praising. My ongoing quest for soulful inspiring music still continues but a little piece of me is satisfied after this find. Can you dig?


The J.B.’s Pass the Peas


If you don’t know about The J.B.’s you need to get acquainted with them. They don’t breed ’em like this anymore so take notes.The J.B.’s were the legendary supporting cast of musicians behind James Brown, need I say more?

They earned a well-deserved reputation as the tightest, best-drilled instrumental ensemble in all of funk. That’s a heavy hat to wear and quite a name to live up to. I don’t think to many groups, now or then, ever came close to the sound of these funk masters. The horn section, the drums, the timing all on point. have a listen



Willie Hightower Willie Hightower


A while back I posted Jukebox and it included a song from Candi Staton. (If you haven’t heard it go check it out) Anyhow, the same label who put out the featured Staton album is the same label who produced this Willie Hightower CD. I’ve been on a mad hunt to find any other albums from Honest Jons Records and have had no luck until now. Thanks to the knowledgeable help ofmy colleagues over at Amoeba I ran across this blazing Willie Hightower record. I’m stoked I haven’t had a Cd in heavy rotation in a few weeks it’s been getting me kind of down. My music blues have been lifted. Have a sneak.



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