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Sculptures of the absurd


Daniel Edwards, controversial sculptor envy of celerity absurdity, has yet again unveiled a depiction of a public figure in “uncanny” light. This sculpture of Oprah Winfrey entitled “The Oprah Sarcophagus” portrays the talk show host with over-sized breast and protruding baby bearing hips. I personally don’t find it that insulting. She looks beautiful, pure, and voluptuous. Men like their women to look as natural possible…don’t get no more better than nude, bronzed and plated.

I wrote an article for my fiance about Daniel Edwards and various sex exploited art including a damn near naked Hilary Clinton and a nude Britney Spears on all fours. Check the full story @


2 Responses to “Sculptures of the absurd”

  1. I think that is so fly – I love the look – the architecture of it! not offensive – in fact i wish i could get one for my mother!

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