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Kool Comps.

Latin Soul Recordings released this compilation full of Latin Soul- Ballads with English lyrics and Latin Beats. Most in which were quite popular in the late 60’s and early 70’s By far the sweetest Latin comp I’ve ever heard. The mp3 I listed below is the first song on the CD and that voice you hear is Ralfi Pagan.


V/A The Sweeter Side of Latin Soul Vol. II



Numero Group “is anything but another record label,” as the three founders put it. Founded by Tom Lunt, Rob Sevier, and Ken Shipley in 2003, the three self-proclaimed “record obsessives” decided to approach the record business backwards. No corporate hierarchy; no company stationary. Just a big pile of music that no one had ever heard of. Me especially. Talk about some serious music heads every song on every album they release is unknown to me. But they always bring the heat.


NUM013 V/A: Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation

Soul Jazz Records is a British-based record label formed in the 90’s and has been releasing compilation albums of predominantly black music, including reggae, soul and jazz. This is the same label that puts out those on point studio one compilations. My favs got to be the Ska and Studio One for lovers album real dope. This reggae comp is one I just picked up and it’s been in heavy rotation every since.

Various Artist Jamaica Funk































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