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Al Green w/ ?uestlove


Apparently Al Green has been in the studio for the past three years working on an album that is due to release this spring. A few names are said to appear on this project: Anthony Hamilton, Corine Bailey Ray, D’angelo and possibly Justin Timberlake. I can dig that. Multitask-er ?uestlove, from famed hip-hop group The Roots is the mastermind behind the production of the album.

Get acquainted with their live album The Roots Come Alive All Access. That joint with Erykah Badu “You got me” -which was written by Philly’s Jill Scott- has the illest break I’ve ever heard. The drums take it to another level, ?uest was working double overtime. Man, I remember hearing that song while I was on tour with this break dancing crew that used to appear on Soul Train. The members of the crew used to freestyle and battle over the breaks. I was just a kid at the time it was the most excited thing to me. I can give them credit for putting me up on game. The whole album actually gave me a divine appreciation for hip-hop.


?uestlove & Al Green, talk about a CD to get excited about. The album is still untitled. Props to Sit Down Stand Up! A song from the upcoming album has been leaked. Have a listen…



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