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Jukebox Blues


After listening to my blues playlist in my ipod yesterday while working out, I realized there were some precious gems I really wanted to share. The greatest part about an inchanting music experience is being able to give it to sombody to help them deal or just for their listening pleasure. For me, there’s no music that helps me distress better than the blues. To fully understand the Blues, I once said, takes a certain level of life experience. You can’t preach to something you’ve never witnessed. Here are just a few men that have experienced plenty and lived to sing about it Enjoy.

Professor Longhair New Orleans Piano

have a listen 09-hey-little-girl.mp3


Lowell Fusion Mean Old Lonesome Blues

have a listen 16-aint-nobodys-business.mp3

Buddy Guy Damn Right, Ive got the Blues

have a listen 03-five-long-years.mp3



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