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Come on in my kitchen


I first heard this Cassandra Wilson cover of a Robert Johnson song while taking a modern jazz class at Arizona State. If you know anything about taking class on a professional level, you’d know classes tend to be about 2 hrs long the first hour usually reserved just for prepping and warming the body. This hour was different still remember it like it was yesterday. A moist room full of slim, sweaty, heavy breathing woman all stretching and maneuvering their limbs in unison to this song. It was trippy, felt like I was on drugs.

Cassandra has this immaculate way of bending and accentuating her tone like I’ve never heard anybody do. Made it easy for every sluggish, isolated movement to be drawn out to extreme proportions. Looked like something out of a psychedelic music video. And this was just the warm-up. You just can’t help the flattering harmonica, piercing guitar arrangements, and moaning bass over Wilson’s raspy voice, this song still makes me wanna move my body in ways unimaginable.



Cassandra Wilson learned piano at age six and by the age of twelve she was teaching herself the guitar.

Hear Robert Johnson’s version





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