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Here’s the first installment on my list of mature diverse music that’s easily accessible

Radio Citizen Berlin Serengeti

Niko Schabel is the 27 year old master mind behind this work of art. He hails from Berlin- hints the name of the album. I’m ampted to see more productions by this young chap. On this smoker Schabel blends electric soulful dub with blazing afro-jazz horn arrangments. Originally Niko was signed to Quantic Records until he slide his CD-R like a G to the A&R for Ubiquity Records the host for a number of talented artists like Giles Peterson, super heavy funk band The Bamboos with Alice Russell whom I’ll speak of in a min, the California Soul compilations, and the sultry sexy voice of Nino Moschella.

The difference between Schabel and many artist he’s a REAL MUSICIAN. Niko plays clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, synthesiser, alto saxophone along with the sampler and mixing desk, just to name a few. Heavy right? Tells you what you’re in store for. Some of the tracks are accompanied by jazz/soul vocalist Bajka who he previously accompanied along with other musicians in jazz band Embryo. When asked to describe his music baby this is what Niko had this to say

“Radio Citizen has shades of my love for sixties jazz, funk 45s, soul, dub and reggae, hip-hop, afro-beat, electronica, trippy stuff, dub, early eighties avantgarde, surf, the old school, the new school, Arabian music, Latin, boogaloo, rocksteady…”

Have a listen 03-everything.mp3


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