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U Roy


U Roy was fortunate enough to work with King Tubby while he was in the process of inventing dub. As the sound became popular U Roy gained celebrity status. His first recordings would be with the most popular producers from the island like Peter Tosh for Lee Perry. His most notable album to date Dread in a Babylon.


My fiance Paul Stewart @ next thing put up on game. I Found this rasta sight with some cool comments on Roy

“Rasta Ambassador” came out when I was a teenager & de soun grip me. My parents just didn’t get it. I remember one day I was bussin “Evil Doers” full volume. My mum shouted up the stairs. “Turn off that rubbish. Dem nat even singin” The album cover made him look like a true ambassador staff in hand trodin Jah eart. Sadly the picture on the re-released CD has him sat under a tree like nutt’n na gwaan. Maybe it’s a reflection of the times me cos its like rasta don’t have that same power again.

See more images and watch classic footage of U Roy


I remember my first reggae experience like it was yesterday.  After confiding in a good friend of my lack of knowledge on reggae she felt it her duty that my first experience be a memorable one, and indeed it was. She picked me up on a late Sunday night and took me to a secluded part of downtown (Phoenix) into an alley with a street sign that read Main St.  A water damaged, rusted door- which I thought odd for the desert- stood ahead it was the only thing guarding me from the thumping bass line coming from inside. We entered and immediately my world would change forever. The air was moist from extreme body sweat while the DJ spun a set that read like a Who’s Who of reggae pioneers.  I was mesmerized at the sea of people on the dance floor swaying back and fourth like a stray ship in the ocean stuck in a thunder storm.  I’d never seen or felt anything like it.  I’ll never forget that night. In this clip you can witness for yourself the crowd sway I’m speaking of. U-Roy’s performance is all too reminiscent.


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