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Here are the albums in my rotation this week.


Candi Staton Candi Staton

There aren’t many soul records as highly regarded. I just bought this cd and I’ve already listened to it front to back 90 times. Her voice is experienced, full, and drenched in soul. Candi Stanton is Otis Redding reincarnate.

Listen to a song from this album 25-the-thanks-i-get-for-loving-you.mp3

click through for classic Whitefield Brothers album and Afro-Cuban Jazz musician Willie Bobo


Wilie Bobo Bobo! Do Your Thing

Bobo always comes with his A game, but this precocious album is supreme and rich with culture.  Categorized as Afro-Cuban Jazz. Definitely one of his more sexier albums. Most if not all of his albums pass the test, though.

Listen to a song from this album 03-bes-that-way.mp3


The Whitefield Brothers In The Raw

I’ll be honest, this album is not easy to come by, but if you see it GRAB IT! Predominantly instrumentals fusing Jazz, Funk, Soul and Afro don’t sleep. They often went by an alias like Bus People Express, Neo-Hip-Hot kiddies, or Poets of Rhythm.

Listen to a song from this album 04-prowlin.mp3


2 Responses to “Jukebox”

  1. Award Winning Drummer – Max Roach

    I finally remembered once I got in the car. I have another person you should look up if interested.

  2. I’m def up on him just havn’t yet posted about him…in due time! Good lookin though.

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