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Ball n Chain

big-mama-thornton-1.jpgYou may remember a song called Ball and Chain done by rocker blues legend Janis Joplin. What you may not remember is Big Mama Thornton wrote and originally sang this soulful blues classic. She also original sang Hound Dog, a song Elvis would later cover and popularize amongst the white community. Unfortunately, like many incidences similar to this one Big Mama didn’t receive too many of its profits. However, she would go on to help popularize a blues style that combined a variety of existing styles known as Texas Blues. Like many artists in this category, Thornton had a serious drinking habit which would eventually consume her life. She released few records but made a lasting impression on musicians and music fans alike. MCs could learn a thing or two from Big Mama- dig the two mics she has fisted in either hand thoughout the song. Watch her perform with ill stage presence.

click here to see more performances from Big Mama


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  1. where did you find this. it’s dope!

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